Phantom TS handles all of our technological needs at Oak Knoll Vet Clinic. Henry Timm and his crew are always quick to respond when any of our equipment is pitching a fit. Phantom ran all of the communication cables throughout our building and the install was neat and tidy. Though I have not dealt with any other computer tech companies, if Phantom TS disappeared tomorrow, they set a HIGH bar for their replacement (which I hope never happens).

Partner - PhantomTS Veterinary

Big shout out to Phantom Technology Solutions. I finally invested in some new tech at the office and they've been so diligent and responsive. I'm very impressed! Thanks Josh and Henry!

Partner - PhantomTS Construction

PhantomTS has been excellent to work with, and has helped us out of many jams.

Partner - PhantomTS Machining

PhantomTS will work to make sure that you will only have positive results. I would recommend Henry and his firm to anyone.

Partner - PhantomTS Manufacturing

PhantomTS showed professional knowledge and concern about getting my computer back running so I could meet my business obligations. They were prompt and very professional and I would recommend them highly to any one with computer needs.

Partner - PhantomTS Real Estate

We love PhantomTS. Our system is safe, and can be fixed remotely when needed. We are secure and efficient with Henry and his team at PTS. I highly recommend them.

Partner - PhantomTS Non-profit

Again, much appreciation for all you do.  Your service is as impeccable as you are!

Partner - PhantomTS Cosmetics

We really appreciate all that PhantomTS does for us.

Partner - PhantomTS Construction